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“I really appreciate ALL the work the MedTech Color team put into the program. It was a great experience.” – Wendy Slone 2022 Top 10 Finalist

“Very inspirational as a Founder of color” – Troy Barring 2022 Top 10 Finalist

“The discussion was engaging. We focused on the greatest challenge to increasing diversity in the industry and it was a difficult concept for some to understand and figure out how to make change but there was a strong desire to support. We focused on 1 topic: what do you perceive to be the greatest challenge to increasing diversity and inclusion in our industry” – Joquese Satterwhite, Networking Breakfast Virtual Host 2021

“The Heart-to-Heart Program of the Disease State Awareness Committee targets women of color with cardiovascular disease. We intentionally and humbly collaborate with trusted community leaders and proceed at the speed of trust to listen, learn, and then innovate together to make lasting, sustainable solutions to the health disparities and inequities plaguing these patients. MedTech Color will make a difference in the lives of so many and I am honored to be a part of this very tangible movement.” – Stephen Mikita, Disease State Awareness Committee Chair

“We had a breakout session with five attendees (including myself), and it was the perfect size to have some meaningful dialogue.” – Ashley Southerland, Networking Breakfast Virtual Host 2021

“I remain awestruck and inspired by two key features of this Collaborative Community. First, the caliber of its passionate and talented members who seek meaningful solutions for improving the inclusion of marginalized communities to facilitate access to innovations in healthcare. Second, the removal of barriers that are possible when talent, collaboration and passion is harnessed for the greater good of all communities, as evidenced by the achievements of the Collaborative in its first year of service.” – Jaime Wheeler, Executive Planning Community