AMA In Full Health Initiative

The In Full Health Learning and Action Community to Advance Equitable Health Innovation is a newly launched network and accompanying set of principles that offers organizations a framework to center equity in their health innovation investment, development, and purchasing efforts as they actively work to shift resources and decision-making to invest and build power in historically marginalized populations.

Created in concert with the AMA’s External Equity & Innovation Advisory Group and envisioned within the AMA’s strategic plan to embed racial justice and advance equity, the In Full Health initiative strives to help solution developers, funders, and purchasers ensure that health innovation products and services  advance health equity by prioritizing the engagement of historically marginalized communities  in the design, development, testing, and evaluation process. Its community website,, will serve as a resource for collaborating organizations to connect with experts and each other to share content, tools, and opportunities for meaningful action to advance equitable health innovation.


The initiative is built around five principles for advancing equitable health innovation opportunities, inviting community members to:

    1. Understand how structural racism, sexism and bias impact health innovation resource allocation, so that steps can be taken to dismantle them.
    2. Assess the value of all health innovation solutions by their impact on health equity as a fundamental metric.
    3. Invest in health innovations designed by innovators building from and for historically marginalized communities.
    4. Utilize health innovation investment models that support asset ownership and wealth development within historically marginalized communities.
    5. Engage industry influencers in addressing systems-level barriers and needs.


Institutional investors, fund managers, payers and health care delivery systems, health startups and other solution developers, and policymakers are invited to form a community of stakeholders committed to learning and action to center equity in their health innovation investment and resource allocation.

The community will provide access to experts, resources and opportunities for members to share lessons learned and challenges with each other, and to identify opportunities for collective action and policy change.