Black History Month 2023

MedTech Color celebrates Black History Month with two important and relevant virtual panels:

The Path to the C-Suite 2.0: The Career Pipeline to Achieving More Diverse and Inclusive Leadership in Medtech

Diverse organizations are more effective & have more successful outcomes for shareholders. In addition, the great resignation is impacting medtech as an industry; there is a very real need to make MedTech the industry of choice for all women. This panel highlights diverse women’s voices at multiple points in their medtech career to bring a multi-generational perspective to the challenges and opportunities for increasing representation of historically underrepresented and marginalized groups in medtech.

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Altruism is Not Enough: The Black Community’s Participation in Clinical Research and Medical Device Product Development

A multi-part discussion series that addresses the importance of participant diversity in clinical trials and medical device product development. The series will focus on the recruitment and retention of these diverse patient populations, the importance of diverse participation at all levels of the product development lifecycle, and will address the historical injustices in medical device product development and how the industry has improved and learned since those occurrences.

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