MedTech Color Releases Collaborative Community Annual Report

Organization Makes Strides in Bringing Diversity to Medtech

LOS ANGELES – Apr. 28, 2022 – MedTech Color, a non-profit organization with a mission to advance the representation of persons of color in the medtech industry, today released the first Collaborative Community Annual Report.

The Collaborative Community Annual Report looks back at all the organization has accomplished over the last year, as well as the milestones on the horizon.

“We are excited by all we have accomplished and our significant momentum to date,” said Kwame Ulmer, Founder of MedTech Color. “We sincerely believe that this Collaborative can and will realize our mission to increase diversity, equity and inclusion in Medtech, and to achieve meaningful impact in reducing bias in product development and clinical research to promote better outcomes for patients.”

“We have formed new friendships, created opportunities for mentorship and sponsorship and we have learned from the wealth of thought leaders and expertise in this group. We have grown by learning and sharing our perspectives and experiences during our subcommittee and quarterly meetings,” said Nada Hanafi, Chief Strategy Officer, Veranex, Collaborative Community Executive Planning Committee. “We are incredibly excited to see what the future holds for the Collaborative Community.”

In June of 2021, the first Collaborative Community meeting took place and four subcommittee workstreams were developed, including:

  • Disease state awareness: prevalence, and symptomatology presentation in minority populations
  • Recruitment and retention: focusing on minority patients, investigators, and other stakeholders in product development throughout the lifecycle and clinical research
  • Product development and clinical research
  • Evidence development and pipeline: analysis and identification of unmet needs and minority health issues

In July, the first subcommittee meetings took place. These meetings included 50 members from more than 25 organizations across the medtech ecosystem. In October 2021 the Collaborative Community participated in the FDA Town Hall, an event attended by over 900 FDA employees as well as members of 11 additional Collaborative Communities. Just a short month later the Collaborative Community held its first webinar event on Nov. 11, 2021: Demystifying Clinical Trials: Engaging Patients and Communities of Color in Clinical Research. This event focused on the challenges and importance of diverse representation within clinical trials. The webinar had over 120 attendees including patients, industry researchers and regulators. Along with the Annual Report, the Recruitment and Retention Subcommittee has published a Call to Action describing 4 steps to promote more diverse and inclusive clinical trial recruitment and retention strategies.

Over the next year, there will be some exciting milestones coming up, including:

  • Hosting multiple focus groups about healthcare access for women from historically under-represented groups specifically those with cardiovascular disease
  • Hosting an ongoing Virtual Panel Discussion on AMA Physician Network titled ‘Improving and Diversifying Evidence: Engaging Patients and Communities of Color in Clinical Research’’
  • Guiding a fireside chat diving into learning to design clinical trials with diversity and inclusion in mind
  • Surveying around 2,000 people regarding clinical trial knowledge and participation
  • Interviewing community leaders in key markets and developing a User Guide for a Personalized Clinical Trial Action Plan.

About MedTech Color

MedTech Color is dedicated to increasing and promoting diversity and inclusion across the medtech ecosystem. Native American, Asian, Hispanic and Black professionals and students are encouraged to participate. Through community building, thought leadership, and driving clinical trial enrollment of patients from under-represented groups, MedTech Color is working to increase the number of people of color who enter the medtech community and add tangible value to the medtech network. MedTech Color operates as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, incorporated in California.