UCLA Translational Fellowship Track

The Translational Track in the UCLA Biodesign Program invites early career clinicians seeking advanced training in healthcare technology innovation.  UCLA Biodesign is a joint initiative between UCLA Health, UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine, Anderson School of Management, and the UCLA Clinical Translational Science Institute. Uniting stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem, UCLA Biodesign seeks to transform medicine through the development of novel technologies.

As part of that mission, the UCLA Biodesign Translational Track is a catalyst for clinical trainees and junior faculty seeking experience in healthcare innovation through clinical study design, strategy, and execution. The opportunity to interact with study sponsors developing technology at the forefront of healthcare delivery will enable the Translational Fellows to build a foundational knowledge of the clinical development process and the supporting functions for the adoption of new medical technology, such as regulatory, reimbursement, and commercialization considerations.  Such studies range from IRB-approved clinical studies for user testing and feedback to review of emerging technologies for new clinical applications.

In addition, the UCLA Biodesign Translational Track features a series of monthly workshops with a group of peers and industry mentors across multiple verticals in the medical technology ecosystem and offers unique opportunities for mentorship, meetings with industry leaders, angel investors, and venture capitalists, and exposure to hospital leadership. Over the course of 10 months, the topics covered span the lifecycle of product development, from concept to commercialization and include selected reading or recorded materials. Translational Fellows are expected to learn the skill of pitching novel ideas to wide professional audiences, effectively communicating an industry solution to an unmet clinical need. There will be opportunities throughout the year to attend special functions with the UCLA Biodesign Fellows in the Discovery and Accelerator Tracks to foster cross-disciplinary innovation at UCLA Health and the broader campus.

In collaboration with your technology innovation partner, Translational Fellows will prepare a description of a concept to prototype stage idea that will serve to guide mentorship. The Translational Fellows will meet on a bi-weekly basis with the UCLA Biodesign Translational Director and leadership team as determined by the fellows’ schedules. Each Translational Fellow will deliver a final pitch at UCLA Biodesign Program graduation.