The Mullings Group, Vice President Operations

As an executive leader and a member of the Board, the Vice President of Operations is responsible for the development and implementation of goals, objectives, strategic and tactical, as well as establishing and monitoring performance metrics for both manufacturing and supply chain activities. Our client is willing to provide relocation assistance for this role.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Operations

  • Oversee our client’s manufacturing activities to ensure maximum effectiveness is obtained to produce and assemble quality products within specified time and budgetary guidelines.
  • Act and involve as needed on day-to-day hands-on all aspects of operational activities to ensure minimal manufacturing and supply chain activities interruptions.
  • Partner with Product Development and Engineering, Quality, and Regulatory, as well as Sales and Marketing to coordinate the production process for the introduction of new products.
  • Oversee company-wide supply chain and procurement activities and direct the negotiations of major procurement contracts to provide proper cost, delivery, and quality The emphasis will be on furthering the worldwide supply base to remain competitive on both cost and product/service quality.
  • Enhance and maintain organizational focus on lean manufacturing efforts to ensure the implementation of world-class technologies and practices. Responsible for lean manufacturing policy in the business to meet our client’s performance goals and ensure the highest quality products at the lowest possible cost.
  • Provide strategic and tactical guidance to ensure world-class supply chain operations which support forecasted/targeted sales growth, reduce operating costs and ensure customer service needs are met.
  • Develop and implement capital spending plan to achieve targeted growth, process improvements, lean initiatives, and cost saving in addition to addressing current maintenance and growth.
  • Oversee and drive effective S&OP processes to ensure timely and accurate forecasts, demand management, scheduling, and production.
  • Develops policies and implement procedures to assure continual compliance of product and operations to current quality, safety, and regulatory standards.
  • Ensure that Operations is a solutions-oriented organization by monitoring innovation, manufacturing engineering, sourcing, and manufacturing activities to ensure operational excellence and competitive costing.
  • Ensure that Operations are in compliance with Environmental, Health, and Safety regulations by implementing value-driven solutions to the business.